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Iron Experiment - Oct 2008

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Adjusting the camera to underexpose (-5.0 stops) allows a view of the activity inside the smelter. The dark solid mass at the bottom is solidified slag. As the level of the slag approached the air hole the air flow cooled the slag producing a shelf sticking into the smelter. If left alone this cooled slag will build up until it is too solid to break, and block the air flow. Charcoal is clearly visible (the blocks with stripes) occupying most of the upper part of the image. The slag bowl is also visible (waxy liquid in the centre of the image). Of particular note are the bright blobs floating on the slag. These are likely pieces of iron sinking into the pool, or more slag that has not joined with the main mass of the bowl yet.

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Text © Neil Peterson, 2017
Photographs © Karen Peterson, 2017

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