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Iron Smelting Experiment - 2004

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Phase two of the pre-heat - addition of gentle air flow.
The vacumn blower is turned on at a low setting, but there is a gap between the inlet tube and the actual pipe mount set into the smelter wall.
This image also shows some details of the tuyere set up.
There was a short section of about 2 inch steel pipe set into the smelter wall to reinforce the opening. A smaller 1 1/2 OD : 1 5/16 ID steel pipe is used as the tuyere itself. This is attached to a standard steel pipe T fitting. The side branch of the pipe has the air supply tube attached. [In this case a length of plastic sump pump tube.] the staight branch of the T has a short piece ending in a standard coupler fitting. The end of the coupler has a clear plastic lens fitted. This allows for direct observation of the interior of the smelter. The coupler / view port fitting can be unscrewed if the interior of the tuyere needs to be probed clear.

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Text © Darrell Markewitz, 2017
Photographs © Neil Peterson, 2017

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