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Monday, January 21, 2008

How do I....?

We have recently received a few emails from various folks asking about meeting us or hiring us. I thought I would offer a couple of quick suggestions.

If you are with a museum and would like to mount an exhibit on the Vikings please contact Darrell Markewitz at Darrell will be happy to discuss with you the ways in which DARC or various members of DARC can aid you, some options for travelling exhibits, or some of the issues involved with creating a custom exhibit.

If you are with a school and would like to arrange a visit to your class please contact Neil Peterson at Neil will be happy to discuss options for classroom visits and costs. Please note that we have members across much of Ontario and thus we may be able to provide a visit depending on member availability. Outside of Ontario the travel costs can wind up being very significant.

Finally for those of you who are interested in Norse re-creation. DARC has no groups outside Ontario Canada, nor are we looking to start branch groups. We suggest you join the Norsefolk_2 mailing list on yahoogroups, and ask there. There are many recreation groups around the world, perhaps there is one close to where you live. If you are in (or will be visiting) Ontario and would like to meet up with us the easiest way to do so is to drop by and chat while we are at an SCA event. In this environment we are more relaxed, with time to talk. Each year members of DARC teach at Forward into the Past (Kitchener in April) and appear at other events. Check out our calendar on the side of the blog for our most up to date schedule - then drop by and say hi.



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