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Bead Furnace Design - 2011

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This bead offers a chance to discuss an interesting problem. Is this a red bead with 3 black lines, or a black bead with a red line that has a black line on it? Either way the size is a bit bigger than average at over 12mm (165) but the shape (round top, straight sides [124]) and proportion (short but not very short [152]) are the most common type. Proceeding to catalogue this bead further requires a choice. If we call this a red (209) opaque (183) bead, then the decoration is 3 roughly parallel straight (503) monochrome (311) black lines. We do find red beads with this type of decoration but in white not black lines (type B262). If we call this a black bead then we have a single central straight line (501) applied with polychrome elements (313). A similar bead although with white/brownish red lines is type B051.

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