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Bead Production Experiment Sep 26 2009

Creator: Neil
Materials: Clay, and Cobb (Manure, clay), charcoal, glass
Location: Althing (SCA event)

This was an opportunity to re-use the mark V furnace for its third experiment. The Mark V furnace was created for use in Jul of 2009 and was first fired at the Trillum War SCA event. The second use was at Treheima later that same month. The furnace is based on the Ribe oval pad with two chimneys and a deep annealing pot between them. A charcoal chute on the back with an annealing crucible to cap it off. Both annealing areas were filled with sifted ash. Inside the furnace is a small clay shape to help break up the air flow to allow both heating zones to be functional.

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Production started Bead production Chimney work Pre-cooling beads
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Day's Results Hróbjartr's Production Anneke and Rachel's Production Aislinne's Production

A discussion of this day's work is now happening. We will transfer the results to this page shortly.

For this furnace the upper surfaces are a guess as there are no archaeological remains I am aware of other than a few pieces of sintered cobb from Ribe that were found on top of one of the bases - that may be remains of the walls of a furnace.

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