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Monday, May 12, 2008

New in the Library

These are the titles I picked up in Denmark at the various Museum gift shops:

Swords of the Viking Age - Ian Peirce

Viking Aros - Moesgard Museum

Building Customs in Viking Age Denmark - Holger Schmidt
(I think Neil already has a copy of this one)

Early Iron Production - Lars Norbach
(I had a worn photocopy of this)

The Vikings of Ribe - Stig Jensen

Ribe Sudier 1 & 2 - Claus Feveile
(in Danish with English summaries - the primary report)

Roar Edge - Anderson, Crumlin-Peterson, Vadstrup & Vinner
(in Danish)

The Skuldelev Ships 1 - Crumlin-Pedersen & Olsen
(the primary report)

All the books will be on view at the upcoming weekends at the Wareham Forge. (Smelt prep on May 31 and Smelt day on June 14)

You may also be forced to endure a long travelogue with hundreds of images. Expect Neil and Karen will be equipped with the same from their current trip...




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